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About Us

CurAlgia personifies the greatest expression of the passion, culture, and drive that motivates our patients and clients. We provide personalized rehab and fitness services unlike anything our patients and clients have ever experienced. We strive daily to exceed our patients’ and clients’ expectations in all ways. We practice evidence based physiotherapy and fitness regime by constantly learning and incorporating latest research and methodology.

Our story

CurAlgia is a Brand of WeRehab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

WeRehab Technologies Pvt Ltd. Is a startup founded in Dec 2020, incubated at IIT Kanpur. We are virtual foot health and Physiotherapy clinic. Our product portfolio includes custom orthotic insoles and slippers for improving foot health of our patients and clients. And a smart insole technology for gait analysis of patients, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts who like to be on top of their performance and health.

Through this technology, we’ll make it easier for physios, coaches and other related physicians to early diagnose various conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers, osteoarthritis, muscular imbalances, injury risk, fall risk, etc.

By using the data from our device, the professionals will be able to give early treatment completely personalized to the person’s condition. Apart from that, they will also be able to monitor the progress and alter treatment methods if needed. 

For athletes: using our smart insole, coaches and the sports medicine team will be able to get the on field data of the athlete which will help them on the biomechanical level. This data will be used to implement training methods that will reduce injury risk and fatigue, and improve performance levels of the athletes as well.

Our Team

CurAlgia Physios

Dr. Abhishek Dwivedi
MPT Sports

Dr. Aterah Tahoor
MPT Sports

Dr. Achal Choudhary
MPT Sports

Dr. Raina Agrawal
MPT Neuro

Dr. Neha Bole
MPT Musculo

Dr. Thote

Dr. Sadanand Thote
M. S. In Physiotherapy – Rehabilitation, 
Bachelor in Prosthetic & Orthotics

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