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Pain and why you should stop neglecting it.

Have you ever said, “I just need to get through this day, and tomorrow I’ll go see a physiotherapist for my pain?” And that tomorrow never came?

That evil and persistent pain! It started affecting plenty of your activities, distracting you from your work and growth for so long that you learned to live with it.

If you’re doing it, STOP.

Here’s my story.

I was an inline speed skater (yes ‘I was’) and started competing professionally from 8th grade. Being an athlete, we are well aware that falls and injuries are part of life. Although my coach and I were unaware, that very dull but persistent pain in my right knee will lead me to not participate in competitive speed skating anymore. After that one bad fall during a practice session, my coach and I neglected that pain and told myself to get over it and stop making excuses for the next few years. 

What happened when I ignored the pain for so long.

In the last year of my competitive speed skating career, the pain in my right knee was not dull anymore. It increased exponentially because of the stress and nervousness of the race. And for the sake of getting used to the track trajectories, I practiced even more, which just added to the existing pain. I still participated in the event. It started well, my adrenaline must have shot up, and I wasn’t feeling any pain. I was there in that race, completely focused, skating as my life depends on it. I managed to have a lead of almost a lap. Now it was the last lap. I just had to survive the last two turns and cross the finish line. I knew that I was going to win this race.

But remember that pain? That persistent dull pain? Because of this, the muscles of my right thigh tensed up as a reflex to protect my knee. And as a result, I lost balance and the race too. I fell hard on the road that even touching my feet to the ground turned out to be agonizing.

I lost the race that I was so close to winning and get selected for national-level competition. All hopes and dreams shattered. Only because I was living a lie of “next day, I’ll go to the physiotherapist or sports ortho. I tolerated that pain and abused my knee for some reason, and it backfired on me during the most crucial competition of my life. 

After that fall, I was not able to feel my knee for several months. A lot of people suggested to me that I should get a surgery done on my knee. But that one crazy Physiotherapist changed my mind just after few weeks of continuous treatment. She made sure I get back to sport asap. And I did not competitively but recreationally.

Neglecting that dull pain cost me a lot relating to money, mental health, and physical health. 

In our busy lives and passion for our dreams and work, we often neglect simple signs and symptoms. That dull pain, that little discomfort, that something will slowly start affecting not only your physical activities but also your work, your mental health and will surely put a big hole in your wallet. So speaking from personal experience, Stop neglecting it. Get out of your head and listen to what your body is saying. Get a consultation from a Physiotherapist or orthopedic.

In today’s world, that consultation is just one click away! 

Ignorance is not bliss when our own body asks us to STOP.

-Dr. Vishwal Padole

-Dr. Vishwal Padole

Founder and COO,

WeRehab Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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